Colombia is synonymous with coffee! You might even recognize the name Juan Valdez, But why is Colombian know to have the best coffee in the world? What makes it so good and special form others in the world? …Please don´t take my word for it, but I think it´s due to the climate and geography of its coffee triangle set at the foothills of the Andes Mountains.
In the middle of the countries regions of Quindio, Risaralda, Caldas and Valle del Cauca you will find Colombia’s famous coffee triangle with mountains, valleys, rivers, hills and snowy peaks that come together like a heaven sent miracle. The lush forest of Colombia´s coffee cultural landscape produces one of the best coffee beans in the world. From within Colombia’s coffee trees, the volcanic soil (Mainly in Quindío) produces top quality Arabica beans that are grown, harvested and washed on local plantations.

Another place that is of the big names in coffee productions in Colombia comes from coffee farms in Las Palmitas, Antioquia outside of Medellin, which is Colombia’s second largest city. In order to get to Palmitas from Medellin, you travel north-west through the “tunel of occidente” which is a 4.6 km tunnel the largest and most modern in all of Latin America and takes one about 5 ½ minutes to pas through it and that’s where you arrive to the rugged mountains of Antioquia. Once you are up on the mountains it is a bit difficult to move around.

The solution is the teleféricos (cable car rides) that will move you through the various coffee farms and it´s the best way to get the coffee directly from the source. The view is spectacular and the landscape is unlike anything else in this world, with lush green peaks of the Andes Mountains so high that the clouds kiss the mountaintops. Below, the air is fresh and nature is quite prevalent, the terrain is rough so donkeys or horses or the recommended way to move about.Best colombian coffee

Coffee is handpicked when it’s ripe (red means ripe) and processed immediately and Colombians are experts at this art! It is said the 525 thousand families in the country make a living out of coffee production. Coffee is a stable plant and has a secure market both rich and poor drink it and it´s always going to be in business. These families know that their hands hold the future and the sustainability of coffee culture and are much involved with preserving natural resources and defending flora and fauna in the area.

Experts say that Colombian coffee should be savored at a medium roast; at a medium roast the bold aromas and vanilla are preserved in the beans ad therefore give a special taste to each zip. The devotion behind each cup is the warmth of its the people who are willing to contribute their little grain of coffee for our pleasure! The Colombian government is not only trying to boost coffee tourism but also to create a coffee culture. It´s government campaign “Antioquia, Las más educada”(Antioquia, the most educated) has a particular emphasis on educating the departments with coffee of the priority list.

The will only focus on educating farmers on how to grow the best coffee in the world, but teach them about the best conditions to harvest, farming conditions, and what are the best coffee-gathering conditions. They will even to the extent of training baristas and coffee tasters to ensure that the coffee not only tastes good but looks too!I hope that the question is answered as to why Colombia has the best coffee in the world.

So there you have it, in addition to the gorgeous landscape you will find beautiful architecture, ecological trails, theme parks, golf courses and charming towns with hotels and boutique resorts. Coffee in Colombia is not just a drink, it´s an experience, so don´t miss out on the best coffee in the world and start planning your trip to Colombia today!