If there is a city with an excellent climate, friendly people and cultural diversity it is Santiago de Cali, Colombia. “La Sucursal del Cielo“ (“The Branch of Heaven”) as some people call it, has numerous attractions such as museums, historic sites, festivals and carnivals that attract tourist from around the world to the capital of fiestas in Colombia! Cali is an extraordinary spot for tourism and recreation. The division of Valle del Cauca has turned into a mecca for tourism because of its gorgeous ladies and a huge number of spots for day and night amusement. Cali is one of the major financial and agrarian city of southwest Colombia.

Cali is recognized as the salsa capital mainly due to the many salsa academies and talented dancers whom have nowadays become Colombia´s ambassadors around the globe. Cali’s Salsa Clubs are among the most acclaimed in the whole mainland. The salsa world festival takes place on the second week of September, where visitors can appreciate the excellent choreographies, dancing workshops and forums with experts, where you can learn how to dance different rhythms. You can always opt to show your moves off at one of the many nightclubs or discotheques in the city, where only tropical music is heard. If you are in the mood for fiesta, I suggest you visit Juanchito, Cali’s Salsa hotspot, where visitors and locals dance the night away. The peak happens amid the Feria de la Caña and the Bullfighting Season, at the start of the year!Cali Party Campus 2014

One of Cali’s mayor attractions is the Feria de Cali and Cali Viejo’s Carnival Parade is the principal artistic show born and originated in the most popular sector of the city. Artist from all the city sector with masks, painted bodies and wear colorful outfits to the let flow all the energy accumulated during the 12 months of the year in front of more than 500 thousand people. For one afternoon they bring back to live those characters that made up the history of the city. These events as well as other important events take place in Santiago De Cali a city where its people, its joy and its beauty will be waiting for you during any time of the year to make you spend indescribable moments that you will never forget.

If the weather gets too hot, you can also go for a swim in the crystal waters from the many rivers that flow through the city. Caleños (name given to Cali locals) adore bathing in the cool waterways that stream down the slopes; the most loved being the Pance River. Visitors can find lodging if the want to extend their stay at the Fundación Farallones campgrounds. And last but not least, the city has an impressive hotel infrastructure with 5 star resorts and its comparing rural zones with cabañas where you connect yourself with nature and can be awakened by tropical birdsongs from the different species in the area.

Start planning that obligated stop to Santiago de Cali on your next visit to Colombia!