San Andres is a jewel in the Caribbean that has been attracting visitors for centuries. It does not come as a surprise to know it has been voted as destination of the year by popular choice at a well-known travel website. Legend says that some caves in the island hide golden treasures left behind by pirates during the skirmishes that took place here in past centuries. Occupied by Dutch, English and Spanish and with a strong African influence, San Andres evolved with the times to become the flagship of Creole culture it is today. Exciting as the prospect of a treasure hunt might be, most visitors come here on vacation after the charms of beach life by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, to dive in the coral reefs, to enjoy the ecological and cultural wealth of the island and to let their hair loose and dance reggae until dawn.

San Andres is 700 km away from Colombia mainland and the main island in the San Andres and Providencia archipelago. The Caribbean here takes so many hues of turquoise that the locals have renamed it as the Sea of Seven Colors. Booking the right beachfront hotel will grant you expansive views that will get you into the Caribbean slow pace the minute you check in. Resorts Colombia offers you an extensive selection of all inclusive vacation packages in the best beachfront resorts in San Andres. Hotel Boutique Le Castel Blanc, GHL Hotel Sunrise and Sunrise Beach Hotel are your best beachfront hotel deals in San Andres. Come to visit this island during one of their festivals in April or November for a real taste of creole hedonism and dancing. Get an all inclusive vacation package and be pampered by the attentive staff at San Andres Noblehouse Hotel, Decameron San Luis, Royal Decameron Aquarium or Hotel Casablanca. Browse through Resorts Colombia to find great all inclusive vacation packages and hotel deals in this Caribbean paradise of San Andres and come to enjoy their outstanding hospitality in front of the most beautiful turquoise waters. Check in a cozy boutique hotel to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise she will never forget.

Anybody will certainly enjoy sunbathing and swimming in these clear waters, and that coupled with a great hotel package from Resorts Colombia could make your vacation simply perfect. For those who can stay a bit longer or who feel thirsty for some action, let us tell you about those must-see spots in San Andres. The island paradise of John Cay is the perfect setting for your tropical holiday movie. You can get there by speedboat and walk around the whole island, framed by beaches of pristine white sand. Haynes Cay hosts the Aquarium of San Andres; enjoy the views of exotic tropical species while sipping your favorite cocktail in one of the beachfront bars. Scuba divers will find their ideal spots in La Piscinita, West View and El Cove. West View boasts the Siren’s Cave and features picturesque coconut tree wooden huts. Further north you will find Job Saas’s farm, where kids will love playing with the tortoises and iguanas while you sip a tamarind cocktail.

Finally, take your family treasure hunting to the Morgan’s Cave and listen to the legends locals have built around this infamous visitor of San Andres. After a day out there in these idyllic islands, come back to your resort in San Andres for a night of hedonistic dancing until the sun rises again. Is it clear now that San Andres is an island filled with natural and human treasures for everybody? Utilize Colombiaresorts to create the perfect all inclusive vacation packages and take your family on the holiday of a lifetime. It is a great opportunity so go ahead and book with complete confidence. Just a few clicks, and you will get your online booking confirmation instantly. Our travel experts have worked hard to ease your decision process and pave your way to the Colombian Caribbean this season. Take advantage and travel to Colombia cheaply with us!