Medellin is the city of the everlasting spring. Resting in a valley at a height of 4600ft above the sea, the average temperature is a mild 71 F (22 C). The second biggest city in Colombia after Bogota, Medellin has been named Most Innovative City of the Year 2013 by The Wall Street Journal after competing with New York and Tel Aviv. Medellin has successfully moved on from an infamously challenging period in the 90´s, and the dynamism and friendliness of the pasias (Medellin locals) is a national treasure. These are some pretty good reasons to consider Medellin for a stop-over on your way out or into Colombia. Quality clothes shopping, fine restaurants and a night scene full of Latin sounds will keep you enmeshed during your stay, and who knows, you may decide to stay longer than expected once you find out about the most raved about attractions.

Business and commercial hub par excellence, Medellin´s hotel range is top-notch and can satisfy every traveler´s needs. Seasoned travelers who like to have a pampering time will be delighted to check the modern facilities at luxury hotels such as Medellin Royal Hotel or Park 10 Hotel. A chic hotel option in Medellin is The Charlee, ideal for the trendiest visitors. If you book your all inclusive vacation package in any of these hotels with Resorts Colombia you will get the best luxury hotel promotions and discount travel. If you are traveling with the family you can´t go wrong booking an all inclusive vacation package at Ibis Medellin Hotel, the hip Hotel Poblado Alejandria or at the raved about Molicie Casa Hotel. For more intimate surroundings and a chilled ambience, Art Hotel Boutique and Aparta Suite Torre Poblado are the best hotel deals in Medellin.

Once you step out of your hotel room, the city will surprise you with its urban design. A great way of getting your bearings and get a bird´s eye view of this bustling town is to take a ride in the Metrocable, a public transport system that rides to the mountain neighbourhoods and on to Arvi Park, the perfect place to spend the day with the family in natural surroundings. Just imagine the breathtaking sunset views from the top while the city lights give you the best pictures of your holiday. Another great vantage point is the Penol Rock overlooking the Laguna de Guatape, a two hour ride away from Medellin but well worth the visit. Explora Park is a must-see if you are traveling with your children, and a great idea for the science adepts of all ages. It consists of an aquarium with plenty of exotic Amazonian species, and an interactive science museum where educative games and witty devices will entertain you for the day.

There are plenty of sights in Medellin worth visiting: the Botero Square will please the art adepts, while the Medellin Planetarium is perfect for stargazers of all sizes. And in a city that boasts such an ideal mild climate all year round, the Botanical Gardens are simply eye candy. Check Resorts Colombia for other hotel options that include economic hotels, business oriented hotels, condo-hotels and artsy boutique hotels in Medellin. The range of all inclusive city hotels, all inclusive family oriented hotels and romantic hotels for an intimate escapade is staggering. These are just some suggestions; browse Resorts Colombia to find dozens of hip accommodation options in the city of Medellin that welcomes you with open arms to this vibrant, colorful and innovative city. Use Resorts Colombia to find the best all inclusive vacation packages in Medellin and fly to the eternal spring of this Colombian metropolis. Check the range of our all inclusive family vacation packages and city hotel deals that will provide you with an extraordinary holiday experience during your stay in Medellin and come to enjoy Colombia in style this season.