Barranquilla is the Latin-American carnival capital north of Rio. Carnival celebrations in Barranquilla have been recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO, and any trip to Colombia should include a visit to this colorful and vibrant city by the Caribbean Sea. Let us then suggest the best way to go about organizing your trip to Barranquilla and make the most of your stay. Resorts Colombia has put together the whole range of available accommodations in Barranquilla and you will find all-inclusive hotel and flight packages for different budgets and requirements. The best travelerĀ“s reviews are for world-class luxury hotels such as Smart Suites Royal and Sonesta Hotel Barranquilla, where seasoned travelers will find the best combination of excellent service and outstanding facilities for business and leisure visitors. Estelar en Alto Prado Hotel is another sleek hotel choice with great views and centrally located for your convenience close to stores and boutiques. If you are looking for a more intimate getaway with your significant other, then Hotel Windsor and the beachfront hotel Zuana Beach will make your day. Hotels in Barranquilla

When you have spent a few days working on your tan and walking up and down the beach, there are some places of interest that could enhance your holiday experience. Take a stroll around El Prado in downtown Barranquilla to find the hidden gems inside the Metropolitan Cathedral Maria Reina such as a giant 16 meters high bronze sculpture by Rodrigo Arenas Betancourt. Next you could visit the Carnival House (Casa del Carnaval), and meet Marimonda, the undisputed protagonist of the Barranquilla carnival. Step into the Museum of Carnival inside the Carnival House and admire the colorful murals, costumes, old carnival pictures, musical instruments and miscellanea of materials related to the most popular party in Barranquilla. If you have the chance of attending an event at the Teatro Amira de la Rosa, do not hesitate. This flagship of the cultural life of Barranquilla presents world-class acts in a modern theatre; the people of Barranquilla take great pride on this theatre and you could find out why.

It goes without saying that a city that loves to party so much has an attractive dining and nightlife scene. Recharge your batteries chilling under the sun during the day and get out and paint the town red at night! Does this sound like a good plan? We think so too! Barranquilla offers great international cuisine restaurants such as Steak House Chez Ernest that will serve you the best peppered steak in town with excellent service. And to have a blast of the golden literary past, La Cueva used to be the hangout for Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his bohemian friends. It feels like traveling to the mythic Macondo from your seat and they have live music acts to entertain you as well. Go ahead and find the perfect all-inclusive vacation package for your trip to Barranquilla with Resorts Colombia. Get your hotel booking confirmed instantly and smile with the anticipation of your next adventure in the Colombian Caribbean this season. Choose from a variety of all-inclusive resorts and hotel deals, all-inclusive luxury beachfront hotel packages, boutique hotel packages for an intimate getaway, family all-inclusive vacation packages, business hotel deals and hip luxury hotel vacation packages and pave your way to party-loving Barranquilla this season.

Book your Barranquilla all-inclusive holiday package today and come to experience any of the many festivities that take place along the year. The carnival of Barranquilla, festival of color and music that was the way of expression for African slaves under Spanish rule, is a living celebration of the human spirit that transcends borders and colors that fortunately has done nothing but growing in the past centuries. Join in the party of a lifetime and gather memories to treasure forever. Barranquilla welcomes you and your friends with open arms, make the most of it with the help of Resorts Colombia!